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Nutcracker Collection

Nutcracker Collection

Welcome to my Nutcracker Collection. I have built this collection over the past 20 years. More than 500 nutcrackers have joined the family. There are nutcrackers for multiple seasons. The majority of the nutcrackers belong to the Christmas season. Other groups are part of Easter, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving themes.

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Nutcracker Collection for Sale

Nutcracker Collection FOR SALE

Nutcracker Collection for Sale

Nutcracker Collection

Nutcracker Story

Nutcrackers have been made in Germany in the Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) since hundreds of years. The Erzgebirge is located along the border between Germany and the Czech Republic, Southwest of Dresden.
During the dark and cold winter nights the men kept themselves busy with the carving of wooden utensils and artifacts.
The tool "nutcracker" used to crack nuts and was given a face. Gradually nutcrackers developed into all kinds of figures known to the people of the time.

The nutcracker figure became the leading character in the story of the Nutcracker, about a family gathering on Christmas eve. This Nutcracker fairy tale is the basis for the Nutcracker Ballet written by Tchaikovsky. Every year during the Christmas season this Nutcracker ballet is performed in numerous concert halls around the world.

Erzgebirge Nutcrackers

Today hundreds of Nutcracker figures are in production, many still in the Erzgebirge. Famous producers of Nutcrackers are Steinbach, Ulbricht and Adler. Many Nutcrackers are still made in Germany, but also in several other countries.

Christmas decorations light up our homes in the darkest time of the year. The firry perfume of the decorated Christmas tree, the glittery Christmas decorations and the sparkling lights change the mood of winter. Our collection of Nutcrackers help create the warm atmosphere of the Holiday Season. The colorful and glittery "dolls" turn our room into a festive place. Enjoy exploring our great collection of Nutcrackers.

Perhaps you will get inspired to start your own collection?

July 4th Nutcracker Collection

July 4th Nutcracker Collection

The nutcracker for the summer season is Uncle Sam, the symbol of 4th of July.

More nutcrackers are appearing on the market for this holiday. Uncle Sam is not only carrying the American flag anymore, but also drumming and carrying rockets. How about that!!!

July 4th Nutcracker Collection

direct to the 4th of July Nutcrackers >>>

Thanksgiving Nutcracker Collection

Thanksgiving Nutcracker Collection

For the Thanksgiving holiday we have an interesting collection of Thanksgiving nutcrackers. They are dominated by Pilgrims and their wives, as well as Turkey nutcrackers.

Native Indians and Scarecrows also contribute to the Thanksgiving festivities.

direct to the Thanksgiving Nutcrackers >>>

Latest Additions

Witch Nutcrackers
Warlock Nutcrackers
Creepy Nutcrackers
Frankenstein & Co
Dia de los Muertos

Thanksgiving Nutcrackers

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Jester Nutcrackers
King Nutcrackers
Musician Nutcrackers
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Snowmen Nutcrackers

St Patrick's Day
St Patrick's Nutcrackers

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Independence Day
July 4th Nutcrackers

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