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Nutcracker Collection For Sale

Nutcracker Collection for Sale Nutcracker Mania is the showcase of a private nutcracker collection.

We are offering the entire Nutcracker Collection For Sale.

The collection consists of close to 500 Nutcrackers:

Latest count:
Christmas 361
Thanksgiving 18
Easter 21
Halloween 33
July 4th 24
Snowmen 18
St Patricks Day 1
Total 476

The nutcrackers in the photo represent about half of the collection.

The Nutcrackers range in size from 60 inch to 3 inch. The majority is 14 or 15 inch in height.

ALL nutcrackers in the collection are displayed individually throughout this website.

We invite you to make an offer or inquire about the price.

The quickest way to contact us is via email:
Click on Nutcracker Mania

When not on display the collection is stored in plastic storage bins (mostly 18 gallons), which will be included in the sale.

Nutcracker Collection for Sale Nutcracker Collection for Sale

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